McDonald’s Is Testing Out Table Service In Southern California

12.02.15 2 years ago 6 Comments
McDonalds To Offer Its Breakfast Menu All Day Long

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McDonald’s would really, really, really like it if America started flocking back to the Golden Arches. The fast-food giant has been trotting out a variety of new ideas like the all-day breakfast, super savvy menus and new menu options in a bid to boost their sales, which are improving after a tough two years. The latest scheme from Mickey D’s? Table service.

The Los Angeles Business Journal reports that 600 Southern California restaurants will have the option of table service. Granted, you still have to order at the till, but employees will haul your bounty of Chicken McNuggets directly to wherever you end up sitting. It’s the same treatment your favourite attractive millionaires get, we reckon.

In addition to the table-service option, select SoCal locations will also encounter the newly created “TasteCrafted” menu. This experimental offering will allow customers (POSSIBLY YOU!!!) to pair their choice of beef patty, grilled chicken or buttermilk chicken with a roll of their choosing. Sesame seed, potato or artisan buns are your options, which gives you a fantastic opportunity to make a fuss out of something being “artisan” while sorting out your Grimace + Birdie erotic fan-fiction.

Speaking of changes at McDonald’s, need a primer on what’s in store with the upcoming McPick menu? We’ve got you covered.

(Via Fortune)

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