McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets Are A Must Eat — Here’s Why

Fast food needs innovation to survive. And we’re not talking about automated drive-thrus or flex-pricing, that stuff is, well… dumb. We’re talking about new food. Your Taco Bell Chicken Cantina menus, seasonal fish sandwiches, the KFC Chizza!

Okay, maybe not that last one. But we love to see a big brand take a chance because sometimes a new menu item just knocks it out of the park and reinvigorates a whole menu.

I’m giving the whole nut of the article away here, but that’s how I feel about McDonald’s new Spicy Chicken McNuggets. This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has launched a spicy nugget, the dish first hit the McDonald’s menu in 2020 and has made sporadic appearances since then, always for a very limited time. But this is the best iteration I’ve ever tasted.

Unfortunately, the spicy nuggets will once again only be available for an unspecified limited amount of time, so if you want to try ‘em, move fast. Here is why you need to pick up an order.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets

Fast Food
Dane Rivera

Thoughts & Tasting Notes:

The heat hits immediately when you bite into this nugget, building at the back of the throat at first bite and steadily moving up the tongue as you continue eating. The prominent flavor is cayenne pepper, but I can also taste the bright and subtly smokey characteristics of a hot pepper blend. This version of the nugget has that same airy and crispy breading as the OG nugget, providing a great texture and a lot of crunch.

Other than that, the chicken tastes the same as the OG nugget. It’s simply a spicy version of a classic, but if you love heat, you’re going to prefer this.

One way this nugget falls a bit short is that, for whatever reason, it’s a tad bit drier than the OG nugget. Because of that, I think this nugget requires sauce in a way the original doesn’t. So what’s the best sauce here? You have to treat these nuggets like you would wings — so go with ranch. Ranch will add richness and tang to the spicy profile, elevating it to a much more savory and satisfying place.

If you want to double down on the heat, Spicy Buffalo would be our next choice.

The Bottom Line:

Superior to the chain’s OG nugget. McDonald’s is pretty good at bringing this one back, but it’s time to stop fooling around and just give this permanent menu status. If you haven’t tried them yet, they’re a must-pick-up.

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