Meeting Your Significant Other’s Parents Will Seem Even More Frightening After Reading These Stories

02.28.16 2 years ago 5 Comments

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So, you’ve met someone. You’re enjoying the blissful first days of a relationship, the pressure-free thrill. Then, reality begins to set in. First, you tackle the friends. And then – later down the line, if you’re lucky – come the parents.

No matter what age, meeting your significant other’s folks is a daunting and somewhat terrifying task. For some, the initial introduction goes smoothly, but for the less fortunate, horrifying first impressions can haunt the entire relationship.

These hilarious tales from Reddit make even Gaylord Fockers’ in-laws look approachable.

Nothing says “I’m sleeping with your daughter!” better than a near-death experience and some bodily fluids. From quiteright:

My girlfriend had me over for dinner at her parents house for the first time. Steak dinner with all of the fixins’. I take my first bite, swallow, immediately start choking. I’m so scared that I’m going to make a bad impression, so I took a drink of water to try to wash it down. Didn’t work, so after about fifteen seconds without a single breath my face turns red, so I start freaking out an point at my throat. So my girlfriend’s mom does the Heimlich maneuver and I throw up all over the floor. Her two miniature schnauzers start licking up the aftermath, girlfriend’s dad puts his napkin down and leaves the room.

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