America Has Elected A Surprising New Flavor Of M&M’s

Over the last few months, candy giant Mars ran an election as heated as the 2016 primaries (except a little more important). The big decision? America’s favorite new flavor of M&M’s. As with all democracy (and Highlanders), in the end there could only be one. The country voted and…Coffee Nut was crowned the new M&M’s permanent flavor, beating out Chili Nut and Honey Nut.

M&M’s launched the campaign as part of their ongoing 75th-anniversary celebration. This isn’t the first time M&M’s launched a novelty flavor upon discerning American palates. Remember Birthday Cake flavor? Yeah, that happened. So did Pretzel M&M’s, which have stuck around and have nearly half the fat and sugar of regular M&M’s.

M&M’s will add Coffee Nut to their regular lineup at stores nationwide in August. M&M’s secured American comedic treasure and costar of VEEP Tony Hale to announce the victor of this year’s great American experiment in candy-flavored democracy. Hale announced the arrival of the new M&M’s flavor via twitter for all of us to enjoy.

Even though the new flavor tastes of “coffee-flavored roasted peanuts,” the nutritional information shows that there’s no actual caffeine in the candy. We guess Americans really, really love the taste of coffee.

(Via Eater)