This Considerate World Traveler Came Up With A Cool Way To Check In With His Mom From The Road

Across continents and cultures, parents display a universal tendency to worry. If you’re the sort who gets panicked texts from mom about an E. coli outbreak or late night calls from dad about a car wreck two towns over, you’ll find this adventurous soul’s story incredibly relatable.

That man you see with the chiseled abs, bikini-clad supporters, and a sign reading “Mom, I’m Fine” is a 27-year-old ex-model and consultant from Brussels named Jonathan Quiñonez. He’s not being held hostage by those women, mind you — Quiñonez summoned up the courage to quit his job, ditch his car, and travel the world. Now he’s documenting his scenic wheelings and dealings. (Maybe he read our profile on Mary Cecchini?) Naturally, Quiñonez has been plunking pics of his exciting journey on Instagram, with one sweet quirk. He holds up the “Mom, I’m Fine” sign in every picture he appears in. Heck, the Instagram account is called momimfine.

Well, provided he’s able to bring the sign with him. Otherwise, this considerate globetrotter has had to get creative in sending his message to mom.

“Whatever your age is, if you have a latin mom and a passion for adventure, you will have to find a way to tell her that you are fine,” explains Quiñonez on Instagram. “This is my way.”

Quiñonez expanded a bit more on his inspiration for easing his mom’s worries while he goes on the trip of a lifetime in a recent chat with the Lad Bible.

“Mums are always worried. Especially mine. It was complicated to be in contact with her so I decided to give a positive message and show her that the world is a beautiful place and that I am fine,”

Quiñonez hopes his gorgeous international trek will be able to continue beyond the summer, so he’s keeping his eyes peeled for a sponsor that can help him keep the adventure going. Considering the family message and pretty sights, it doesn’t seem too unreasonable that someone or some company would want to team-up with the guy.

Hmm… Now, that we think about it, the only downside is that Quiñonez’s considerate mom-messages might make the rest of us look bad. Hard to excuse not calling from the airport when a guy who jumped out of an airplane can send that “Mom, I’m Fine” message from the sky.

If you’re looking to travel the world like Jonathan Quiñonez (sign optional), it may not be the herculean effort you imagine it to be. Last month, we shared six ways you can travel the world without spending a dime. If you’re okay with spending a few dimes, you’ll definitely want to check out our look into what it really costs to travel around the world. Feel free to send us a message saying you’re doing okay at every stop.

(via Imgur)