Mom Saved Son’s Handwritten Note With Predictions for 2016 And They’re Not That Far Off

02.14.16 3 years ago 2 Comments
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We still don’t have flying cars, but it turns out some of these predictions that a 29-year-old man had 20 years ago are spot on, like robot cashiers and the Dallas Cowboys not winning a Super Bowl since.

ABC News reports that when Christopher Janitz turned 29, his mother presented him with a note that he had written in 1996, predicting what 2016 would be like. Among his predictions, cars that “float in the air,” buildings made entirely of metal in funny shapes, robot policemen and cashiers, and desks that are computers with weird pencils.

And the sports prediction. Nine-year-old Janitz writes, “Twenty years from today the New York Giants will win the Super Bowl and the Dallas Cowboys will never win the Super Bowl again in NFL history.”

His sports prediction coming true delights present day Janitz the most: “Since then, my Giants have gone on to win TWO Super Bowls. The Cowboys? Nothing. The 9-year-old me would be thrilled!”

He says that his robot cashier prediction, and the computerized desks one (which he justifies by the fact that he works at a computer all day and having an iPad with a stylus) are also pretty accurate.

Too bad Janitz didn’t predict hoverboards.

(via ABC News)

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