This Mom Lost 130 Pounds To Teach Her Daughter An Important Lesson

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Beauty comes in all shapes and and all sizes. The most important thing, as we’ve discussed time and time again, is that people love themselves and are happy with the way they feel and the way they look. But sometimes, when people aren’t happy with the way they look, they need to make drastic changes. And that’s exactly what Kassidy Linde did.

When you think you can't… you can't. But when you think you can , I promise you there will be NOTHING in your way to stop you. It is bizarre how much happier you can live when you just love yourself. Some people think that in order to love yourself, you have to be perfect. False. You have to see all of your imperfections , accept them, and move forward. WEAR YOUR SKIN. Be confident. Be happy. Feel SEXY! Embrace your body and live life to its fullest potential. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis ! I am 25 !!! For years , I was in extreme pain throughout my entire body. Before my diagnosis , I could barely get out of bed (I am not exaggerating). But I still did everything I could possibly do to lose weight. And I did! Literally through tears some days but I did it! Y'all think when life gets in the way, you have to just stop?! Do the exact opposite . Work around it. You'll be surprised how much you can teach yourself!!! Unfortunately my medicine is starting to go fade away and some pain is coming back. On top of that, my doctor thinks I may have a herniated disk in my spine. Sooooo. Another speed bump for me y'all, but I will never quit. I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN and if you believe it too, you can do extraordinary things.

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According to People, Linde lost all self-confidence as she watched her weight go up until it reached 260 pounds. And the 25-year-old knew she was on an unhealthy path. Instead of following the motto that you should treat your body as a temple (or at least a really nice apartment you’d want to move into), Linde smoked, drank, and ate junk food 24/7. She was so ashamed of how she was treating herself, Linde says, that she would buy fast food and then eat it in the parking lot, embarrassed that someone might see her.

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