Learn From These Gift Fails Before You Ruin Mother’s Day

05.08.16 3 years ago


It’s Mother’s Day, but the clock is still ticking for you to snag your mom — or the mother of your children — an awesome last-minute gift and avoid coming off like a thoughtless jerk. There a couple of routes you can go when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts: Flowers and dinner are always solid. Your mom’s sure to appreciate it if you surprise her with a mimosa and offer to do every chore around the house. The key is to find some way you can make her life a little more pleasant and thank her for keeping you from electrocuting yourself as a kid.

What you don’t want to do is give her a terrible gift that will leave you feeling like a garbage child for years to come. If you’re unsure what constitutes a bad Mother’s Day gift, these stories of Mother’s Day gone wrong from Reddit should give you a clear idea.

When you think you’re helping, but really not.

Gym passes, Weigh Watchers guides, anything that basically says “Hey, you could use a little work” is a probably not going to go over smoothly. Time takes its toll on everyone, but as Dildodiety’s father found out, it’s probably best not to offer quick fix as a gift.

“My dad is the king of terrible gift giving. Don’t get me wrong, he tries VERY hard. He tries to get you things he thinks you need or really want, but it never works.
5 years ago, my mom started to complain about wrinkles and the like. My dad, thinking he knew exactly what he needed to get her.. got her a gift certificate for Botox. My mom, the funniest person I know, started to laugh and accepted the gift anyway (even though I think she was a little offended). My brothers and I didn’t know he got her Botox.. so when she opened the card all three of us were holding our breath and bracing for impact.”

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