Officials Declare Selfie-Free Zones After A Recent Tragedy In Mumbai

01.12.16 2 years ago

We’ve covered the dangers of selfie accidents before. There was the guy who looked likely to lose his hand because of his rattlesnake selfie. The woman who thought it would be a great idea to pose in a mosh pit. The poor, dying turtles. And on, and on. The sum of the data is this: selfies seem to be moving from vain preoccupation to dangerous obsession—emphasis on “dangerous.”

In Mumbai, police are at least trying to curb that danger, by identifying selfie-free zones. The measure was prompted by a tragedy that took place last weekend. After three women fell off rocks and into the Arabian Sea while snapping shots of themselves, a passerby, Ramesh Walanju, jumped in to save them. Two of the women, Anjum Khan and Masturi Khan, were saved—the other, Terrarium Ansari, disappeared.

Walanju was washed away by the water and died.

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