As Long As Airlines Are Shaking Things Up, Here Are Some Policies We’d Like To See

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04.19.17 10 Comments


Since United’s “Re-Accommodation Heard ‘Round The World,” airlines have been issued a simple and powerful directive: Act like a giant, user-hating corporate machine at your peril. While price is still the number one factor for flyers, “not having our heads slammed into an armrest” seems to be coming in a close second.

As United dealt with the fallout of a catastrophic situation followed by a catastrophic PR response, other airlines trolled them with new ads and fresh policies. Delta’s decision to allow gate supervisors to award nearly $10K in vouchers (just barely below, so as to miss the tax threshold), seems to be the standout among these. All of a sudden, getting bumped doesn’t seem so bad. Screw making it to Thanksgiving, you can take a family of four on vacation to Madagascar for $10K.

With the airlines clearly listening, we decided to give them some more reccomendations. Some of these conflict, some of them would impact price, some you may not like, but they are all ideas and that seems to be one thing the industry has a shortage of right now.

Delenda Joseph: Assigned Bins

I’m so sick of leaving it up to chance on whether or not I’m going to have a spot to store my carry-on in the overhead bin. Overhead bins need to be assigned by seat. I already have to wait until Group Z is called to board the plane, but then there’s a possibility some jackass has taken the overhead bid above my seat? And it’s always a passenger who’s sitting way back there and wants to steal someone’s overhead bin space and put his crap up front.

Then they want to get upset and call a flight attendant when you take their stuff out and leave it on the floor. Whatever!

No one wrote about it, by let’s assume that folks have some thoughts about #AirplaneYoga

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