Ocean Spray Has Gifted The Viral Skateboarding Star A Cranberry Colored Truck (Full Of Ocean Spray)

Everyone’s favorite Cranberry juice sipping, Fleetwood Mac singing, skateboarding riding TikTok star Nathan Apodaca — who you might know affectionately as DoggFace420/420DoggFace208 — has just been given a new truck from the people at Ocean Spray. It was delivered filled with cranberry juice, making this perhaps the only good thing to come out of this chaotic year. God knows we need bright spots like this.

The truck was gifted to Apodaca from Ocean Spray and a local Idaho Falls Nissan dealership and follows several fan donations given to the viral star after people discovered he needed a new RV. Apodaca has been incredibly generous with the donations he’s received thus far — sharing the wealth with his extended family — so if anyone deserves a truck for absolutely no reason, it’s him.

In less than a month Apodaca has managed to introduce Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” to a whole generation of people and has done more to make us want to guzzle down some Ocean Spray — straight out of the bottle of course — than the brand’s ads ever have. In a post that we’re sure is bound to go viral as well, Apodaca shared the moment he was surprised by the cranberry-colored truck and has already started uploading new content riding around and blasting music in that supremely chill way that only DoggFace can.

Check some of the new DoggFace adventures below.