The Unexpected Perks Of Being The Office Pariah

06.25.16 2 years ago


So you never really found a way to fit in at work. Jill from accounting thinks you’re a loser, and Ben (who’s a traveling salesman and shouldn’t have an opinion because he doesn’t even know you) gives you the cold shoulder whenever he sees you. So what?

No, really: So what? If the people at work don’t like you — and they may have myriad reasons, both good and bad — it’s not the end of the world. And it’s time you stop dreading the awkward interactions with people in the copy room and start accepting the fact that if you’re not going to change anyone’s mind about liking you (you won’t) you may as well live your best life as the office’s chosen social outcast.

Don’t worry, though. Being the office pariah isn’t awful. In fact, it can be pretty damn rewarding.

Here’s why:

No one will ever invite you to anything.



No matter what anyone tells you, no one wants to spend their time outside of the office with people that they spend forty hours a week working alongside. Even if you like the people you work with, there’s no denying that once five o’clock hits all you want to do is steamroll everyone else to the elevator and get home.

That’s why being the person everyone is annoyed by is actually a pretty sweet deal. Instead of pretending that you’re just going to “network” with the team at Chili’s, you can shut off your computer and confidently stride out of the building, knowing that you don’t have to give the people at your place of employment a single thought off company time. And think of all the time and money you save by skipping the happy hour and just microwaving a Lean Cuisine at home. Let your office mates whisper about their clandestine get-togethers at TGI Friday’s to their heart’s content. You’ve got a bubble bath and a whole new season of Orange Is the New Black to get through.

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