The Olive Garden Has A New Dessert ‘Lasagna’ For Us To Break Our Diets With

There are few things not to love about Olive Garden. They’re here to help us out and always offering up “classic” Italian cuisine, like mom used to make…right? It’s a chain which is dependable and surprisingly inventive. Plus, that endless soup, salad and breadstick deal — which has gotten many a stoned teenager satisfied for a reasonable price. The Olive Garden may not always be a guaranteed good time, but it’s at least an only mildly disappointing lunch compromise.

This week, the eatery recently stepped up its dessert game and has presented to us with a Chocolate Caramel Lasagna that sounds really impressive, but looks a whole lot like boring old chocolate cake. The new dessert features “layers of vanilla-soaked sponge cake, chocolate, caramel, and creamy custard topped with chocolate shavings for about $8.” A little pricey, a little decadent, a little misnamed but appealing nonetheless.

Along with their dessert-lasagna-wannabe, the restaurant chain has beefed up their summer menu with Garlic Marinara Mussels — a dish that features oven-roasted mussels in garlic marinara sauce and, of course, a breadstick. Another thing you have to appreciate about The OG (something I’m calling the restaurant now): It’s lovable in its predictability.