Exploring Orlando, Our Nation’s Most Surprising Food Destination

04.21.17 12 months ago 2 Comments


Orlando. You hear the word and you’re probably thinking one of two things: home of the Mouse, or home of Florida Man. For some of us, being Mickey’s East Coast vacation destination is more than enough of a draw, but for others, it might take a little more convincing. If the last time you visited the city was for a sweaty, blistery, family vacation, beset by sudden thunderstorms and plagued by uninspired theme park food, give me a chance to convince you that it’s time to give Orlando a second look.

In fact, it’s especially because of the food (and drinks) that Orlando deserves a spot on your 2017 travel itinerary. Orlando? For the food? Really? Let’s walk to find a hotel (we gotta burn some calories to make room for the incoming ones):


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