The Very Best Cocktails At Disney World Right Now

Disney fan? Chances are, nostalgia plays a big role in your love for the parks. Maybe you have childhood memories of watching the fireworks pop, sizzle, and glitter over Cinderella’s castle. Perhaps you recall your first Dole whip float, sipped in the courtyard of the Enchanted Tiki Room, while torches flared and fountains sprang to life. Or you’ve never forgotten your first slip down the flume on Pirates of the Caribbean, the excitement of living a pirate’s life, with all of its attendant yo-ho-ho-ing and bottle of rum-ing, not that, at the time, you could do much bottle-of-rum-ing.

The closest you were getting to any sort of adult libation at the park was a lime-and-mint soft drink masquerading as a mint julep, served up in New Orleans Square and topped off with a technicolor cherry. It was a julep in name only, and if you got buzzed, it was due to an almost unavoidable sugar rush, courtesy of juleps, Mickey bars, Dole whips, and churros. Those were the days, right?

You’re an adult now. So what! Being an adult doesn’t mean you have to put aside the childlike joy of the Disney parks. In fact, there’s a great case for revisiting them. It does mean you can enjoy your childhood favorites with an adult beverage. Want a julep in name and fact at Disneyworld? You can have one. better still, do one better, and check out our list of Walt Disneyworld’s best fifteen best cocktails being served right now.

Need pairing ideas? We’ve got you covered right here.

Polynesian Pearl

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

Found at Disney’s Grand Polynesian, Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto is the East Coast answer to West Coast favorite, Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar. It’s also the only place you can score a Polynesian Pearl, a luscious libation composed of RumChata, Grand Marnier, tropical fruit juices, and cinnamon. That’s right–you can’t get this drink in Anaheim, which is a genius little nod to an old Disneyland theming tradition: making merchandise specific to the “land” it is found in, and impossible to find anywhere else. Presented to you in a collectable “pearl” mug, you’ll find yourself coming back to this one again and again; not least of all because every 100th cocktail comes in a black pearl.