Eight Architecturally Stunning Movie Sets You Should See

As long as movies have been around, they’ve used real-life places to create a sense of scope and inspire wonder. These days, the real places are often added in post-production or filmed by the second unit, while interiors are filmed on studio lots.

Sometimes these places play themselves, while other times they take on a wild and imaginative new identity — like a magical school for wizards or a hidden rebel base. Here’s a look at some of the fantastic wonders of the ancient world that have also been used as film sets:

Temple Church, London – The Da Vinci Code

Both Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code, and its movie adaptation were dinged for huge oversights in historical accuracy. One thing they got right was the setting of The Temple Church in London. Consecrated in 1185, it was actually the Knights Templar’s English headquarters, making it one of the only ties the story has to historical fact. The church itself, true to the Templar’s tradition, was built in the same circular shape as all of their houses of worship, which is itself an ode to King Solomon’s Temple in ancient Jerusalem.