These Can’t Miss Events Will Have You Racing To Canada For The Country’s 150th Birthday

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02.16.17 2 Comments

Our neighbors to the north have a lot advantages for the weary traveler. They’re close, so transport is cheap. The currency exchange rate is in our favor — so it’s like everything is 25% off. And the country has a balance of cosmopolitan cities filled with art, history, and bad-ass food nestled right beside some of the most stunning and wild open spaces on the whole damn planet.

This year, Canada is turning 150 years old and they’re planning to party. Because they are courteous as all hell, they’ve made a handy app so that we can follow along with all the events nationwide. Below the 10 events you shouldn’t dare miss, eh?

MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE — February 23rd to March 11th

Every late winter Montreal comes to life with lights, food, art, and music. Nightly during the festival, there are performances from clowning troops to rock bands across the city. Some of Canada’s best chefs descend on the city to highlight the absolute most stunning aspects of Quebecois and Canadian cuisine. And the cherry on the top are the lights which turn the city into living art show every night.

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