Learn The Long & Short Of What It’s Like To Be A Professional Penis Photographer

Genitals: They exist and holy smokes do people love seeing pictures of ’em! And, as the frustrated clerk at your local Apple Store can tell you, getting quality photos of said genitals isn’t always a slam dunk. That’s why professional penis photographers like Soraya Doolbaz exist. To save us from our own poor dong photography instincts.

The New York Post profiled Doolbaz and her unique occupation as a shutterbug for trousersnakes in a decidedly NSFW (unless you work at a penis photography warehouse) video that we’ve tucked below to watch at your discretion. She’s not just taking photos of willies all willy-nilly, mind you. Doolbaz is using the members to provide artistic expression and maybe put the occasional novelty sized wig on her subjects. On her official D*cture Gallery website, Doolbaz says she’s hoping people see the humor embedded in her pics.

“My goal with all this was to make people laugh. I wanted to create comfort and confidence around sexuality for men and women. Men should be proud of their d*cks regardless of its size or characteristics. Women and gay men should have no shame in enjoying them. The demand is there. Most women, 100% of gay men, LOVE c*ck. Safe to say most people love c*ck. So why is it so hidden?”

Why so hidden, indeed? Doolbaz’s photos aren’t the only place where you can see her d*ck pics on display. Genital photo enthusiasts can purchase “d*cture” enhanced items like mugs, calendars, wood prints, gift wrap, fridge magnets and coasters from her shop. Consider the countdown on whether or not it would be funny or incredibly uncomfortable to give your great aunt a “d*cture” greeting card for her birthday.

As we noted earlier, the clip is remarkably informative but also a tad NSFW even with blurring. Navigate this warning how you will.

(via Paper)