Meet The Photographer Who’s Taking The Festival World By Storm

Starting out, photographer Peter Donaghy dreamed of using his camera to capture some of the hottest musicians, DJs, and festivals in the music world. But he also knew that in order to get to that level, he’d have to pay his dues.

“I just wanted to create,” Donaghy says. “Starting out, you gotta run through the mud for awhile.”

So, he took small photography jobs on Craigslist to get his feet wet. There was no gig too small. Whether he was photographing high school football games or hitting up a small festival, he knew he just had to do good work to advance. If he was authentically himself, he knew, eventually, he’d get bigger opportunities.

The gamble paid off. Now, Donaghy works with some of the coolest musicians in the world and is in high demand as a festival photographer. It’s a big step from his humble beginnings, but it each day Donaghy still works persistently, never fully satisfied.

“I’ve literally shot hundreds of festivals in the past couple years,” Donaghy says.

On the next episode of For The Restless, brought to you by The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Donaghy chronicles the journey he took to carve out his place in the music world. With his bold, passionate story-telling and a genuine joy for his subjects’ work, we learn how his drive for greatness plays out in his everyday life.