Experience Lightning In A Bottle Through These Ecstatic, Trippy Photos

05.14.19 3 months ago

Juliana Bernstein

The sounds of deep house music pound in your chest. To your left people pose like hieroglyphics, to your right, anthropomorphic woodland critters greet guests covered in body paint, gently placing flowers behind their ears. Neon lights reflect in the rippling lake water in rhythm with the music.

“Crazy right?” a hippie with flowers stuffed in his beard and goggles — without lenses, just the rims, around his neck asks.

No, you aren’t dreaming or tripping out (okay, you might be tripping), you’re just at Lightning in a Bottle.

Lightning in a Bottle is one of the biggest lifestyle, music, and art festivals held all year. This year’s fest, held last weekend, truly hit it out of the park. LIB pulled together the talents of big-name electronic acts like Disclosure, Flying Lotus, Toro y Moi, and Elohim this year, offering up one of their strongest music lineups to date. And it wouldn’t be LIB without yoga classes, crafting demonstrations, discussions on environmental consciousness, and enough vibey hippie art and installations to take anyone on a psychedelic journey, drugs or no drugs.

We’ve collected some incredible photos from Lightning in a Bottle 2019, so you can turn off your mind, relax, and flashback to your last transcendent festival experience. But remember, it’s Tuesday, so once you’ve finished checking out these pictures you have to do that thing your boss asked you to do. And unfortunately, it probably wasn’t, “book your tickets to LIB 2020 — ASAP.” If it was though, quick question, are they hiring?

Don Idio

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