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Cheap flights and great travel deals are everywhere right now. The shoulder season is in full-swing and airlines are baiting you to fly with them during the coming holiday season rush. There are also great deals right now on special trips from Caribbean pirate adventures in Panama and Columbia to culinary tours around Asia that’ll up your cooking game in a serious way.

Below are some of the best deals on cheap flights and travel packages right now. These are the sites and Twitter feeds that you should be following and setting up alerts for. Prices will vary. Sales will pass quickly. You’ve gotta shop hard and act fast. Good luck out there and happy travels!

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We’ve all dreamt of living the pirate life at one point or another. There’s a sense of pure freedom that comes from riding the high seas and sticking it to the East India Trading Company (the 1720s version of Amazon). Now you can vicariously live that scalawag life with CheapCaribbean’s Legends of Pirates’ Past Pirate Tour 2018.

The trip is an all-in swashbuckler from Panama to Colombia that includes stays in swanky resorts, train tours, historical excursions, and boat rides with all the rum. The next tour is between December 6th and 11th and you’ll need to book by October 30th to partake. Prices start at $3,000 per person.

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