Pizza Is The Ultimate Post-Sex Food, Study Finds


Pizza is, arguably, the most beloved of foods because it satisfies all our cravings at once. Well, all our food cravings, anyway. But it turns out that after a one-night stand, pizza is what we want most, literally and figuratively.

Today found a study that demonstrates the unlikely intersection between one-night stands and pizza, and it seems the two are intimately tied together. No, not in that way:

[… ] three quarters of those polled in a recent Yelp survey said pizza was their top choice post a little one-night stand action. Tacos came in “a distant second,” according to Yelp’s press release about the poll, which surveyed 2,000 single American millennials.

You in the back — bite your tongue with your jokes about “tacos.” Although it makes sense; tacos may be satisfying, but they’re harder to eat as you walk away (slightly tipsy) from a stranger’s apartment. And pizza is much easier to find across the nation. And it does seem to linger; if people go on an actual date after hooking up, the survey also found that pizza was a popular, casual food to consume, replacing even the cup of coffee as a way to see if this might be real. Because, if it turns out it isn’t, hey, at least you got some pizza!

(Via Cosmopolitan)