These Two Pros Ruin A Pleasant Central Park Carriage Ride By Eating Some ‘Frankenstein’ Carolina Reapers

Sean Evans from Hot Ones has put plenty of people through the ringer with his in-depth hot wing interviews, but his most memorable clip might be his encounter with Chili Klaus from about a year ago. The two are professionals when it comes to hot things and peppers, but they met their mortality when they took on the Carolina Reaper. They didn’t go into a panic like those two girls who foolishly ate one in passing and then seemed to die on camera, but things did get pretty rough.

This time around they’ve ordered a “Frankenstein” version from the man who holds the record for the world’s hottest Carolina Reaper. So not only is it already the world’s hottest pepper but “Smokin’ Ed” Currie from PuckerButt Pepper Company took it to another level with mad pepper science and created a monster. A monster our friends are about to try while taking a pleasant carriage ride through Central Park.

It goes about as well as you would think, which is a redundant thing to say about these pepper videos but I’ll do it anyway. The cool part is the interesting way they chose to present the chili eating, giving us some vistas to admire while they suffer. There’s also the gratuitous shots of the horse urinating mid-ride and Chili Klaus vomiting right next to a lady who is sunbathing.

Stop trying to eat this pepper. It makes no sense. Eat some pudding and enjoy your life!

(Via Hot Ones)