People Kept Asking For Bigger Sandwiches, So This Restaurant Made A 100-Pound Burger

When a restaurant in Yarmouth, Maine decided they’d like to celebrate their 1-year anniversary, a couple of ideas came to mind; but the winning idea had nothing to do with balloons, beers, or banners. Instead the owners chose to ring in their accomplishments with a 100-pound burger.

The owners of Dirigo’s Public House, Ben and Katie Grant, told WCSH they joked around about making a massive burger before finalizing the idea. According to Ben, it all started as a joke with customers telling him and Katie that their burgers are really good and, “You should go bigger.” But the couple felt it seemed “inappropriate” to do something so excessive and worried about potentially wasting a huge amount of food (except this once).

The burger the Grants ended up making consisted of a 70-pound beef patty on top of a homemade bun. Combined with the lettuce, tomato, ketchup and other condiments, the burger’s total weight rang in very close to 100 pounds. Do you know what else weighs 100 pounds? Half of this man!

And what do you do when you have a burger that not one sane person could eat on their own? Sell tickets to the event and invite everyone in attendance to dig in. Given their charitably conscious worldview, the Grants decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the evening to Good Shepherd Food Bank. It sounds like we could all stand to learn a lesson from the Grants. Especially you, people who spend thousands of dollars creating a save the date music video. Especially you.

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(Via BroBible)