Scotland Now Has A ‘Whale Trail’ For Spotting Whales On Your Vacation


Watching whales from a cliff facing the sea in Scotland is a magical experience not soon forgotten. Ah yes, there is nothing quite like observing a large mammal frolic in the distance while you sit on a ledge and contemplate how we’re all connected in the circle of life or whatever. But if you don’t know where to look you might miss out on the experience completely, and the only large mammal frolicking will be you. Which isn’t a very good look — trust.

If you don’t want to come up empty on your big whale-watching trip, now there’s a trail that seeks to remedy that situation along Scotland’s west coast known as the Hebridean Whale Trail.

The Hebridean Whale Trail connects 33 sites across the Hebridean archipelago which will give visitors accessible, low-impact points for land-based sightings of whales, dolphins, porpoises, and anything that splashes around and is worth seeing (present company excluded). The trail also offers a sustainable way for travelers to witness stunning sights while having a low-impact on marine wildlife, which is vital for preserving the habitat. Dedicated volunteers and local experts will be scattered around the whale trail’s sites, to offer information and take interested visitors on guided headland tours.

Speaking personally, I’ve been whale watching a grand total of once — and it consisted of me mostly throwing up from sea-sickness as my soul filled with despair at the sight of an aluminum balloon floating in the Pacific. If you don’t want that experience, keep the Hebridean Whale Trail in mind.

Check out some sights below.