Experts Share The Sex Trends You Can Expect In 2018


Pics may be mildly NSFW.

We are one month into a new year, which means most people’s commitment to a “new year, new you” mindset has likely been forgotten in favor of falling back into comfortable old habits. Those chips don’t eat themselves. But, with Valentine’s Day comes a second chance at making a promise to try something new. In the bedroom, at the very least.

Now, we acknowledge it’s a little trite to pretend that a new sexual position or toy will change your life. It might for like… three hours. But, ultimately, your kitchen will still be dirty, and you will still have to file your taxes.

No. What we are suggesting is that you consider some of the year’s top sex trends as options to make the physical act more fun. That’s it. Play. Enjoy. And, honestly, isn’t that enough? Sex is fantastic when it’s good; so if you need to innovate, do it! If you need a grander motivation, we’ve all have seen the studies that link more/ better sex to increased happiness. What better way to shake the winter doldrums?

The adult industry generally leads the charge on sex trends as they reflect the most heightened iteration of our fantasies. You might masturbate thinking about your mother-in-law, but they will make a film with a smoking hot woman helping her daughter and son-in-law wear out the warranty on their mattress. As such, we asked some insiders to comment on upcoming trends we have identified, and they had a lot to say.

Read on and consider whether these crazes might be a welcome addition to your sex life.

Enthusiastic Consent

Okay. We know there are people who hear “enthusiastic consent” and think it’s the politically correct police banging at the door. There’s a real kneejerk defensiveness about the #MeToo movement and the changes it advocates. But, the point of enthusiastic consent isn’t to create a future legal case against accusations of assault or rape. It is, first and foremost, a way to make sure your partner is down with what’s happening. That’s a good thing, plain and simple.

Now, seeking consent doesn’t mean signing a binding agreement or having a threesome with a notary. You just need to check in periodically and respect the response you receive. Plus, it’s hot as hell. Pretty sure nobody is turned off when they hear, “Never stop f*cking me.”