This Hilarious Guy Fieri Defense Will Make You Think Twice About The Mayor Of Flavortown

Guy Fieri has served as a punching bag for chefs and armchair foodies alike for what feels like ages, but is it fair to treat the mayor of Flavortown like arch-nemesis of the culinary world? Comedian Shane Torres sticks up for the misunderstood Food Network staple on his new album Shane Torres: Established 1981 and it is an absolutely brilliant defense.

“This may be somewhat of a controversial opinion, but can anyone explain to me what the f*ck Guy Fieri did to anyone?” asks Torres. “Cuz people sh*t on that dude all the time and as far as I can tell all he did was follow his dreams.”

Torres goes full advocate for the Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives host, weighing what he does (make people happy while looking like a goofball) versus the supposed crimes against food that the Anthony Bourdains of the world tend to growl about.

“What does he do?” muses Torres about Bourdain. “He’s like, ‘Uh I put on Rolling Stones t-shirts and tell food courts they suck.’ Go f*ck yourself. What are you bringing to the table?”

The anti-Fieri contingent might not be moved to get blonde spikes after hearing Torres’ argument, but they should come out the other side with a better understanding of why it’s in everyone’s best interests to let Guy Fieri be Guy Fieri.

Shane Torres: Established 1981 is set for release on September 8. Torres also has a Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents… special lined up for later in the fall.

(Via Grub Street)