This Shark Ate Another Shark Whole Because She Was Annoyed, And It’s On Video

Happy Friday, hope you had a good week. This male shark isn’t–or wasn’t–because a female shark ate him at a South Korean aquarium on Thursday.

Reuters reports that an eight-year-old female tiger shark ate a five-year-old male tiger shark over a territory dispute at the COEX aquarium in Seoul. She swallowed him whole, and 21 hours later, people could still see the tip of the victim’s tail in her mouth. COEX’s PR manager said that the tail will remain in her mouth for four or five days, until she regurgitates it.

He also explained that sharks often bite another shark that has encroached upon its territory, so be careful out there in those crowded aquarium tanks.

Luckily for us, we can see a nice high quality video of what happened (in the Reuters version, the narrator uses the phrase “shark eat shark world” as a bonus). First, the video shows half of the poor male tiger shark hanging out of the female’s mouth, while pleasant classical music plays, and children exclaim in wonder (best field trip ever, am I right kids?). Later on, you see only the tip of the eaten shark’s tail, as mentioned in the Reuters article.

This just confirms that we live in a cruel and unforgiving world.

(via Reuters)