This Man Got A Rude Awakening From A Nasty Message On His Starbucks Cup

Having a barista at Starbucks goof up your name on your order is sort of part of the package when you visit the coffee chain. Your name could be “Coffee” and there’s still a 68% chance the name written on your order is “Barbara Fluffmeyer.” It’s just the nature of the busy barista vending beast. However, one recent bit of labelling was more insulting than a bungled name.

Action News Jax reports that a St. Augustine customer received something that hit close to home when he checked the order for his grande white mocha. It was the dig “DIABETES HERE I COME” staring right back at the recipient. The customer, who works nearby and had his beverage picked up by a fellow employee as part of a group order, shared with the news outlet that he did not find the message funny in any capacity.

The mocha purchaser has two sisters that live with type 1 diabetes. Making light of the condition wasn’t something he was going to let slide:

“Seeing and knowing the struggle my sisters went through by third, fourth grade, it definitely struck a nerve, and I didn’t just want to let it go,” said the customer.

The diabetes crack was followed up with the customer writing a note of his own letting the chain know diabetes is no laughing matter to him. He told Action News Jax that he wasn’t seeking an apology, but simply wants future patrons of Starbucks to not have to face the same kind of insensitivity.

Starbucks has issued a statement on the matter expressing a desire to apologize.

“We strive to provide an inclusive and positive experience for our customers, and we’re disappointed to learn of this incident. We are working directly with the customer to apologize for his experience, and with our partners (employees) to ensure this does not happen again.”

(via Mashable)