Starbucks Is Going Completely Straw-Less And Will Soon Feature Drinks Served In Adult Sippy Cups

07.11.18 11 months ago 21 Comments


Straws are terrible. Every year they contribute a massive amount of waste into our trash system and pose a danger to marine life — contributing to the Great Pacific garbage patch or ending up strewn across beaches. It’s wild, of course, that we’re just now realizing this, but you have to credit society for how quickly everyone has become straw-woke. After a massive outcry over the past two years, cities are starting to ban single-use plastic straws and corporations have seen the writing on the wall.

On Monday, Starbucks announced that they too would be going straw-less, as soon as 2020. In the coming months Starbucks will be introducing their new drink lids, which feature a raised top with a lip, akin to a sippy cup. Starbucks first introduced their straw-less lids at their Seattle Roastery back in 2016, and by fall this year the lids will be in every store in Seattle and Vancouver, with more regions to come.

Those worried they’ll have to consume their beloved Frappuccinos with a spoon will be pleased to know that Starbucks is switching over to paper and compostable straws for drinks where a straw is essential.


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