Steve-O Is Headed To Jail For His Sea World Stunt, But Seems Pretty Happy About It

steve-o jail time
Getty / Shutterstock / Uproxx Original

Steve-O announced Wednesday that he was headed for a 30 day stint in the slammer following his August arrest for climbing a construction crane 100 feet into the air to protest Sea World. The Jackass star — also known by his real name Stephen Glover — posted a comic to Instagram to break the news, along with a lengthy message explaining that he is #SorryNotSorry for what he’s done.

It really seems that despite his various misconduct over the years as well as battling his own personal demons, Steve-O is a pretty well-intentioned dude actively trying to improve the lives of people and animals. You can view his campaign to help at-risk youth here, and watch the video below.

As he says, he’s “widely known as a guy who abuses his testicles for the amusement of others” and he does not disappoint by repeatedly taking pool balls to the nuts, skateboarding down the stairs, and lighting himself on fire.

It’s kind of amazing that the guy’s heart is still beating after all that, and even more amazing to discover that it’s a bigger heart than we’d ever realized.

(Via Zap2It)