Get The Jingle Out Of Your Head, The $5 Footlong Ends Today

02.03.16 3 years ago 7 Comments

Submageddon is coming, and it’s bringing a $1 price raise with it. Subway tried to spiff up the news of the impending $5 Footlong price raise by tweeting an animation of falling subs interspersed with snowflakes, but the truth is the truth: starting tomorrow, Subway’s longstanding $5 Footlong promotion will be no longer.

According to tweets from Subway Customer Care, the promotion is ending because costs have gone up. Not to mention Subway’s falling sales, the footlong Footlong controversy and, well…everything that has to do with Jared Fogle.

Customers have been calling Subway out over Twitter for announcing the price raise as though it were a special promotion:

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