Sushi Burgers Are The Latest Food Craze For Us To All Get Excited About

Has science gone too far? That’s a question I ask myself on a weekly basis. Sometimes that question comes when reading about head transplants (let the horror of this story never die), sometimes it comes when news of a high-tech pancake printer is released, and sometimes the question comes when ordinary human beings — the kind who have never experimented with anything more than a hot Cheeto — become food inventors and start mutating the foods we know and love into other foods we know and love. The latest craze? A hamburger with rice for the buns and sushi filling inside.

Once the first picture was posted, see above (although, to be honest, rice buns make the burger look a little anemic, no?), the sushi burger took the world by storm, with more and more fans creating their own fun by forming rice into bun shapes and then eating it as one traditionally would (because rice falls apart, so you still have to use utensils).

Some of the burgers sure are beautiful, though. Check out a few:

This one’s got deep-fried rice buns (which seems to be edging into ramen-burger territory):

And this one looks like it’s wearing a tie. (10/10 would still eat, regardless of burger’s attire.)

People are now even creating sushi sliders, for when you want to eat 2,000 of something, but don’t want to feel too full:

And then there’s this beautiful pink monstrosity:

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Mon premier sushi burger 🍔 fait maison

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How long will this fad last? And could it usher in a new era for the much-beloved, but mostly forgotten ramen burger? Because that would be great!

(h/t Foodbeast)