Target Continues To Delight Us With A New $5 Wine Brand

It’s safe to say that it’s impossible to leave Target without getting at least 10 things that you had no intention of purchasing when you first walked passed those giant red balls. Call it basic, call it a shrine to capitalism run amok, but strolling through the aisles of Target can be comforting after a long day, and the megastore is looking to make that feeling even more accessible.

On top of their really cute home goods (You need that candle and throw pillow! They’re on sale!), Target is set to roll out a new line of inexpensive wine. At just $5 a bottle, California Roots will be a great option for the budget shopper who wants a buzz without breaking the bank. With five different blends “carefully crafted with premium, California-grown grapes” — a cabernet, a red blend, a moscato, a pinot grigio, and a chardonnay — shoppers will have a few options for their next dinner party.

Target stores already sell beer and wine, but this is their first foray into their own branded alcohol. According to Jeff Burt, senior vice president of food and beverage, “We’re out to give our guests even more reasons to love Target—including exclusive products they can’t find anywhere else.”

The whole line rolls out in 1,100 stores nationwide on September 3rd (perfect for your Labor Day sangria), so Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck might want to watch its back.

(Via Bon Appetit)

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