Offbeat U.S. Hotels Perfect For The Last Days of Summer

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We’re halfway through August. This means we have approximately one month until the Official End of Summer. We’ll soon be trading in our summer-evening barbecues for autumn-night bonfires.

What better way to savor the last few days of summer than by going on an impromptu vacation to some wild and exotic place just a few hours’ drive away? Whether you’re on the East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in between, here are some of the craziest, coolest hotels to help you finish summer strong.

Autocamp, Santa Barbara (Calif.)

Five vintage Airstream trailers come complete with full kitchens and clawfoot bathtubs (in some models, at least) to make this an offbeat hotel-RV hybrid experience. Each rental also comes with beach cruisers to get you around in style. According to the Autocamp website, more locations are scheduled to open in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Ventura Beach, so keep your fingers crossed for more awesomeness to come.

The Liberty Hotel, Boston (Mass.)

It’s certainly ironic that a hotel located in an old prison is named for freedom…but irony was surely what they were going for there. The beautiful Boston luxury hotel was once the Charles Street Jail and opened its 298 rooms to the public in 2007. Unfortunately, the renovations that turned the jail into the hotel mean that the rooms don’t actually feel like cells…but that’s probably okay anyway. To see a remnant of the jail, you can visit the hotel lobby bar.

Hotel Parq Central, Albuquerque (N.M.)

Not into staying in a renovated jail? Then how about a renovated mental hospital rumored to be haunted? That’s exactly what you’ll get at Albuquerque’s Hotel Parq Central which was named Memorial Hospital in its previous life and opened as a luxury hotel in 2010. The hotel really is grand and the Apothecary Bar on the rooftop is definitely worth checking out!

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