It Snowed Across Texas, And There Are Pictures To Prove It


Even though temperatures across Texas were in the 60s and 70s yesterday, a cold front courtesy of Winter Storm Inga moved in overnight, covering much of the Lone Star State in freezing rain, ice and even a little bit of snow. While it pales in comparison to the “bomb cyclone” that those on the east coast have had to deal with, snow in central and southeast Texas is somewhat of a rarity — averaging about .1 inches per year. While that’s not nearly as rare as, say, snow in the Sahara Desert, it does mean that much of the state is ill-prepared to handle such conditions.

As a result of the inclement weather, much of Texas has shut down. Several school districts announced they’d be closed on Tuesday as early as Monday night, and many area businesses decided to remain closed to discourage travel on icy roads. Several of those who did brave the weather to open their doors are closing early in hopes conditions will improve by Wednesday.

Luckily, with many Texans finding themselves shut in due to bad weather, it’s left plenty of time for people to document their surroundings for the rest of us to marvel at. Here are a few of the best photos from what’s being dubbed #TexasSnowDay2018.

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Granted, as most seemed to marvel at the weather, there were a few who took a decidedly more sarcastic outlook regarding Texas’ reactionary response (relatively speaking) to the smattering of snow.