This Flavored Cup Will Save You From Yourself And Trick You Into Drinking More Water

Because we’re Americans and we demand that everything be fun, no one is drinking enough water these days, opting for juice, soda, and literally anything other than boring old water. Apparently, we’ve reached the point where we actually have to trick our brains in order to ingest this building block of life.

The Right Cup is a new product in the fight against diabetes and obesity in America, and has an Indiegogo account in order to mass produce this potentially revolutionary product. According to their promotional material, the Right Cup uses FDA-approved scents (Orange, Mixed Berry, Lemon-Lime and Apple) infused in the cup itself that hoodwinks your brain into thinking that you’re drinking something a bit more exciting than plain water. Basically, it does the job of flavored water or a water enhancer without the additional sugar and calories.

They’ve nearly met their $50,000 goal, so it’s likely that you’ll see these on the market in April 2016. It took nearly six years to perfect the product, but I am curious about how long the cups last. Does the “flavor” stay vibrant, or does it get weaker and weaker, like a stick of gum? Either way, this is could be quite a breakthrough in the healthy eating movement. Anything to help fight diabetes and obesity is something worth exploring.

(Via Food Beast)