Thomas Jane Is The ‘World’s Biggest A-Hole’ In A Brilliant New Donate Life Campaign

The leap from colossal asshole to unlikely hero is possible. Just ask Thomas Jane. Or maybe instead of ringing up the mid ’00s Punisher, just watch this sharp spot from Donate Life featuring Thomas Jane. That’s probably a bit easier and a tad less rude.

Jane takes on the role of Coleman F. Sweeney who holds the prestigious title of the “World’s Biggest Asshole.” (John Mayer must be devastated.) As our narrator Will Arnett observes, this sleazeball will snatch your panties at the laundromat, display his TruckNutz like a trophy won in space and fire paintballs at neighborhood pets because that’s what a major asshole thinks is acceptable. It doesn’t take too long for this creep to kick the bucket, and that’s where Sweeney’s transformation from hated dick to hero of the community takes shape. He elected to donate his organs.

The brilliant spot crafted by The Martin Agency for Donate Life is a tad cruder than a PSA on the subject that you might come across on local TV, but it certainly gets the message across. According to The Martin Agency, the campaign was launched to combat the declining number of millennial men choosing to go the organ donor route.

“You could live your entire life as an asshole, but if you did one good thing, make that one good thing donating your organs when you’re no longer with us. [The idea] seemed pretty simple,” said group creative director Wade Alger when chatting with Adweek. “I think everyone knew it was the right way to talk to this group. The realization was that while I might not agree with the language in this, I’m not the target and therefore I can get over it.”

Educational assholes. That’s the way of the future.

(Via Adweek)