Let This Instructional Video Show You All The Best Ways To Use Your Tortilla Towel

The Tortilla Towel is here to help you fulfill a dream you never knew you had, but suddenly might not be able to live without. A dream of becoming your favorite Latin American-inspired dish. Imagine sunbathing and responding to a “where are you?” text with a genuine response of “I’m just out here being a tostada.” Maybe you have two of them and you and your friends, in a hungover quest for comfort, become a quesadilla. The possibilities are endless: You might be lying on the beach getting a little chilly and, all of a sudden, you’re a toasty burrito. And then there’s the ever-dependable staple that every kid secretly dreams of becoming:

Because the towel comes in at a costly $35, you might want to stick to the basic food items here. No nachos or tortilla strips with this thing. Regardless of what you become, or what you fill yours with, however, what’s important to remember is that a 5-foot circle that’s designed to help you soak up every bit of summer exists and is available for purchase. But you’re going to have to act fast, because this is a limited-edition item that’s selling out quick. If you hope to achieve your dreams of being Mexican food, now is the time.

(Via Eater)

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