These Trends Are Finally Dying Down, So We Can All Hate Them A Little Less Now

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Remember when everyone was all big into Duck Dynasty? Or how about the time when it was cool to quote Borat every other sentence? Mah wiiiife! Yeah, we’re shuddering too.

The thing is, trends come and go. (Which is, um, why they’re called “trends.”) It’s a natural occurrence that happens in the inexorable march of time: things become insanely popular for awhile, and then people start talking about them less and less. And then one day, you realize you haven’t seen a one of those “What X thinks I do” career memes on Facebook in months…and you really don’t mind.

But leave it to Reddit to jog your memory of everything that’s come and quietly gone in the past several years. When user TDA12345 asked the question “What trend is finally dying down?” Redditors everywhere dug through their minds and came up with a great list of items. Some even thought of the exact things that are filling the downward-trend void.

So what have you not even realized you’ve been missing? Check it out: