Trump’s Inauguration Will Be Much Mellower If You’re Smoking One Of 4,200 Free Joints

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01.04.17 4 Comments


If the thought of attending Donald Trump’s inauguration fills you with a sense of sickness (anxiety? migraine? a low-grade but rapidly-spreading back ache?), then there might be a cure. It’s marijuana, and one enterprising group is going to pass out 4,200 joints of the good stuff to people in D.C. on January 20th.

While we can’t confirm that Bill and Hillary — who will be attending — will be not-inhaling to deaden the pain of what’s to come, what we can tell you is that pro-marijuana group DCMJ have a plan on how to make a statement even while Trump is up on the stage, accepting his crown and scepter.

The Daily Dot reports that four minutes and twenty seconds into Trump’s speech, all those who have received a joint will be asked to light it up and start puffing (and passing?) while the new president speaks of his plans for America. The only reason that the group wouldn’t light up, a message announcing the event reads, is in the case that Trump immediately comes out in support of marijuana legalization across the entire country (something that seems very, very unlikely). The good news? That means that at least 4,2000 people are going to get stoned as hell while standing outside in the cold and protesting/supporting the event.

The group’s reasoning for this stunt is actually quite in line with Trump’s entire campaign: While DCMJ would prefer not to pass out joints and invite people to partake in a mass “smoke-down,” the group’s founder says there’s no other choice when established politicians ignore both the group and the public’s demand for change when it comes to marijuana use.

If you’re planning to show up, you can RSVP on Facebook, but be warned: While smoking marijuana recreationally is legal in D.C (provided you’re over the age of 21), you can’t do it in public (probably not enforced) and not on federal land (possibly enforced). And considering that the event is to take place on the National Mall (which, as we are always surprised to remember, is not a shopping galleria with a Cinnabon) it seems like those who are interested in lighting up might want to prepare for some law enforcement interaction. Almost sounds worth it, though, doesn’t it?

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