A Viral Video Shows One Red Lobster Fan Getting Entirely Too Agro Over A Mother’s Day Wait Time

The coronavirus lockdowns are driving everyone crazy, there’s no denying that. But if your anger at the state of the world ever causes you to come to blows with someone who is just trying to do their job — you’re taking sh*t too far. Especially if the source of your anger is that you have to wait too long to get some cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster.

In a video that has since gone viral, one woman can be seen getting entirely too mad after being forced outside of a Red Lobster in Pennsylvania over Mother’s Day Weekend after demanding a refund because of a three-hour wait for her food.

The video was captured by an unrelated patron and begins with the customer being pushed outside of a Red Lobster by an employee while she demands a refund. After giving her name to a separate employee inside the restaurant, the patron takes advantage of a brief moment of calm to strike the manager in the face, leading to a brawl that ends with three other Red Lobster employees trying to separate the two.

It should be noted that under Pennsylvania’s current state orders, restaurants are only allowed to serve customers via delivery or curbside pickup, so how and why a maskless woman (her name has been released, sadly, it’s not “Karen”) ended up in the Red Lobster in the first place is beyond us. Red Lobster issued a statement to USA Today regarding the incident and the general long wait times customers experienced over Mother’s Day weekend (a particularly busy time for Red Lobster) writing:

“We understand that we may have disappointed some of our guests on Mother’s Day when due to COVID-19 and changes to our operations and staffing, we were not able to keep up with the demand at some of our locations… that said, we do not tolerate violence for any reason in our restaurants. We expect our team members to treat our guests with respect, and we expect our guests to treat our team members with respect in return. We are grateful our Manager and the guest involved were not seriously injured in the incident on Sunday.”

The patron’s actions will now be forever immortalized on Twitter, where folks have more or less spent the whole day wondering how anyone could ever justifiably get this mad over the food at Red Lobster.