How To Up Your Cocktail Game With These Simple Tips

Maybe there was a time in your life when offering guests a warm rum and coke was considered the height of good entertaining etiquette, but those days are over. You’re a little older now, a little wiser. You realize that it would be nice to invite friends over for cocktails and know how to, well, actually make some cocktails. Because simply providing liquor and mixers is an amateur move. One best left far behind you. If you want to look as classy as you feel, then you have got to be able to craft a cocktail like a boss.

Which is where the team from truTV’s Upscale with Prentice Penny jumps in to teach you a few things. Because there are plenty of totally easy ways to raise your status in the world, and they don’t even involve kidnapping Prince Harry with the hopes that with just a little bit of time and a lot of Stockholm Syndrome he’ll agree to marry you and whisk you away to his castle.

Fact: You can live like the upper class and impress all your friends while still remaining firmly in your studio apartment, we promise.

Because upping your game can be as simple as knowing how to make an excellent Old Fashioned. A skill that we think everyone should know. The Old Fashioned is simply the most classic of cocktails. And whether making it for all your friends or ordering it from the bar, the connotation is that you’re a person of expensive, good, refined taste. You know what you want, how you like it, and exactly how you’re going to get it. You’re cultured.

So watch this video to get the secrets behind making the best Old Fashioned in the world. And then start mixing. You’ve got a whole world to take on, and it all starts with a good, stiff drink.

Upscale with Prentice Penny airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on truTV – Check out the trailer here.