The U.S. Embassy In Nepal Reminded Us Today That They’re Still Prepared For Yetis


Be prepared. That’s the motto of everyone from the Boy Scouts to villainous cartoon lion, Scar, and it’s very sound advice when it comes to arduous hikes, helping old ladies across the streets, and leonine coups. But apparently, it’s also the motto of the U.S. Embassy in Nepal. Not just, mind you, for trekking the treacherous passes of the Nepalese Himalayas, but also in case someone finds a yeti. No, really. The U.S. Embassy in Nepal has official guidelines for what to do in the event that a yeti is found.

The embassy itself reminded us on Twitter this morning that they do, in fact, have a plan in place saying: “Well, someone’s gotta be prepared.”

And prepared they are. The guidelines to which they’re referring come from a 1959 document titled, “Foreign Service Despatch 75 from the American Embassy, Kathmandu, Regarding Regulations Governing Mountain Climbing Expeditions in Nepal Relating to Yeti.”

Which means if you encounter the mythical beast in the wild, you’ll have to keep some official government regulations in mind as you run for your life to avoid being eaten by a yeti.

For example: hopefully you stumbled upon the creature accidentally, as only expeditions with official permits may search for yeti. Further, any yeti who is successfully found “must not be killed or shot at except in an emergency arising out of self defense.” So, no hunting yetis for sport or food, friends. Finally, any photos or other evidence of the existence of yeti must be turned over to the Nepalese government immediately and cannot be distributed to press without permission from the government.

Remember: If you email UPROXX yeti pictures, you’re breaking the rules. Don’t even think about it. We’re strict yeti regulation followers.

Via National Archives

Clearly Nepal is hiding something, and the good people of Finding Bigfoot deserve to know what. Time reported on these guidelines back in 2015, but obviously Big Yeti squashed the story. The truth is out there, folks.