New Research Pinpoints The Perfect Vacation Length

We’ve mentioned before that we all need a vacation. We need that brain reset to function in personal and professional lives. We need that little bit of nature every day to ease the stresses of the grind. It’s hard for a lot of us — particularly if we don’t all have the luxury of contracts that allow us a yearly reprieve from that grind. Some new research has been released that focuses on just how much vacation time you need, and how much is too much (yes, that’s a thing too).

Jessica de Bloom studies travel, vacations, and quality of life at the University of Tampere in Finland. Her research focuses on all things related to how we act and react to travel. Turns out that on day eight of a vacation, you’ll reach the peak. Basically that means that your real life will start creeping back in. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to get fully away from work in this interconnected world.

The studies also found that the two to four weeks before a vacation make us happier with anticipation. However, all the positive effects of a vacation were gone within a week of returning to work. That’s a bummer, man. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a vacation in the first place, as the studies also show that those of us who don’t get away are at higher risk of stress and heart attacks.

Even if you can’t afford to leave your hometown for a vacation, de Bloom’s studies show that you can obtain the same positive effects of a vacation away with a staycation. So save some cash, and explore your hometown/area, and treat yourself to a few splurges! Overall, de Bloom’s studies are a fascinating glimpse into how we want and need vacations.

(Via CBC)