A Van Life Couple Explains How To Stay Fit On The Road

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Spend any amount of time cruising Instagram influencers and you’ll end up incredibly jealous of these genetically and financially gifted vagabonds. They’re a rare breed for whom far-flung travels, five-star hotels, and six-pack abs all seem to come naturally. The truth, of course, is a little more complicated. Influencers work. That’s why we ask the travelers we interview how they manage to cover the costs of traversing the country or globe (we want to know how they pull it off!). They also work out. But as of yet, we haven’t delved into the diet and exercise routines of these always-stunningly-fit people.

Sure, their snaps might look like they’re gorging on pizza and serenely hiking to the next waterfall, but that’s not reality. In real life, people have to pay attention to what they eat and how physically active they are in order to remain in peak condition. Sorry to break the illusion, but that’s just how metabolisms work.

Staying fit can be hard on the road, but imagine how much more difficult it can be when you live in a VW Bus. For details on how van lifers keep it tight and right (and healthy), we reached out to Sabrina and Jimmy Horel, the couple behind the Wandxr Bus website. The pair met in California, where Sabrina approached Jimmy in a bar and told him he looked “cute.” The opinion was mutual, and he repaid the compliment. In no time they were traveling and married. The common bond that drew them together? A shared love of adventure.

Now, the duo lives in a blue 1973 VW Bus, both working online writing travel, lifestyle, and vegan content. They’re also both vocal advocates of health and wellness, so we knew they were perfect people to give us the rules for staying fit on the road.

Wandxr Bus

1. Lose Your Vacation Mindset

Wandxr Bus

Sabrina: There’s something that I call a “vacation mindset,” and I think it’s something you really have to get out of if you want to be healthy and active when you live in a van. Your whole life is basically a road trip. What you want to do is eat junk food at gas stations and fast food, and you don’t want to exercise; you want to just enjoy the moment, whatever it is that you’re doing. I think that’s something that we struggled with at the beginning and we realized that if we wanted to stay fit, we needed to really get out of that mindset and realize that every day we need to put effort into the food that we eat and the activities that we do.