How Vegetarians Can Make The Most Of Their Fast Food Choices

Life & Culture Writer


“What do you even eat?”

It’s the question that people most often turn to when confronted with a vegetarian or vegan. Without meat, people assume that you subsist on greens foraged from the wild. It’s this same thinking that prompts people to make veggos choose the restaurant. “I don’t know where you can eat.”

Here’s a spoiler: do they have food? Yeah? Then I can eat. Vegetarians are problem solvers. We can make a meal out of sides and substitutions before most people pick an entrée. It helps that we only have a few things to choose from, but nonetheless, we are quick on the uptake. As the money making possibilities of including veggie items on restaurant menus has grown more obvious, the fast food options have similarly increased. But, you do have to change a few meal expectations and learn a few things to exploit menus fully.

The following tips should help you eat comfortably at most fast food restaurants.

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