Here’s How Voodoo Doughnut Welcomed Ammon Bundy To His Portland Home

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Aww, ain’t that sweet (pun intended)? The kind folks at Portland’s world-renowned Voodoo Doughnut have made Ammon Bundy his very own face-cake! You remember those, don’t you? Well, this is sort of like that — only it’s much, much tastier. Well, probably, at least. Turns out they only made one, and it’s not for sale. It’s just for the internet’s amusement and ‘likes’ — oh, and an in-store display case, of course.

The Portland-founded company actually has a noted history of poking fun at the silliest of current affairs, news, sports, and otherwise. Just last week, the Denver location had a real Tom Brady voodoo doughnut and encouraged their customers to stab the poor thing. In fact, it turns out that this is actually a regular thing — dubbed Hex the Next, meant to help the Denver Broncos in their weekly contests — and so you can definitely expect to see some Panthers-inspired goodness popping up sometime soon, as the Broncs are set to go up against the big cats in Super Bowl 50 next weekend.

As an Indiana native, I can only hope this voodoo works, as it’d be especially nice to watch Peyton Manning (probably) finish his career as a Super Bowl champion.

(Via Instagram and Fox 31)