In This Election, Your Vote Is Your Stance On Justice

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How in the hell did the word “justice” get weaponized? The very idea that being a social justice warrior is somehow an insult is the height of American absurdism. Sure, there are times when people are overzealous about the battles they want to fight. There are times when “wokeness” seems more like a competition than a communal goal. But it’s hard to fathom how citizens clamoring for more justice — even when that word itself is permutable — would be anything but a net positive.

What’s the alternative? Less justice? Social justice pacifists?

The fact is, today’s elections are hugely important. Seismic in nature. And there are massive issues at stake. Some of these matters are clearly political in the traditional sense — ballot measures, zoning laws, tax usage, etc. They affect our future in the long term but have a limited scope short term.

Meanwhile, other races clearly conspire toward some bigger idea. They are building blocks for our self-held visions of what it means to be an American in 2020. They are political, but only in the sense that life is political. In these cases, the issue at stake is, inevitably, one of justice. Social justice. Economic justice. Racial justice. Gender justice. Sexuality-based justice. Environmental justice.

As such, voting for the candidate or ballot measure that you believe helps bend the path of history toward more justice is a solid governing philosophy. Especially if you haven’t followed politics closely leading up to the election. It’s a Jiminy Cricket on your shoulder, reminding you to vote with some idea in your head of what you believe is right or wrong. On overarching thesis to guide you.

Because our pursuit of justice is intrinsic to our collective success. It’s a founding pillar in the superstructure of our young nation — where empathy, a sense of fairness, and a belief in the importance of equality meet.

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This conversation may seem partisan, but it ought not to be. No one side owns the notion of creating a more fair and equitable world. No political party has the exclusive rights to such lofty principles. Yes, the issues themselves are highly politicized. But if you’re on a quest for a more fair world, well… if we all had to go all in on the same idea and trust it to guide us in the right direction, justice would be the one.