Life Is A Political Act

SPECIAL TO UPROXX: Kelsey Timmerman is the New York Times Bestselling author of Where Am I Giving: A Global Adventure Exploring How to Use Your Gifts and Talents to Make a Difference and a co-founder of
The Facing Project, a nonprofit community storytelling initiative.

Dear friend who doesn’t “get political”:

Farm bill. Food stamps. Farm subsidies. Food safety. Poisoned.

Eating is a political act.

Car emissions. Smog warning. Ozone action. Factory exhaust. Suffocation.

Breathing is a political act.

No music. Test teaching. Politician’s curriculum. Slashed budgets. Dumbed.

Education is a political act.

High premium. Expensive meds. Uninsured bankruptcy. Untreated. Preexisting until you unexist.

Health is a political act.

Farm runoff. Waste treatment. Lead water. Depleted aquifers. Parched.

Drinking is a political act.

Bears Ears. Natural parks. Algal blooms. Dying reefs. Homeless.

Recreation is a political act.

Trade laws. Labor rights. Underpaid. Overtime. Destitute.

Working is a political act.

Neighborhood watch. Stand your ground. Speed limits: Slow . . . at risk children at play.

Safety is a political act.

Museums. Public works. Heart appreciation. Examined life. How to see, think, feel.

Art is a political act.

Social security. Disability. Promised entitlements. Climate Change. Uncertainty.

The future is a political act.

You might not “get political,” but your life is political.

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